Welcome to S&D Global Partners!

Welcome to S&D Global Partners!

Our Mission

“S&D Global Partners bring international business leaders together by organizing meetings, events and programs that build trust, areas of common ground and mutual respect leading to profitable relationships.”


S&D Global Partners is a professional event planning organization, marketing and communication strategist and facilitator of Lego® Serious Play®.

S&D Global Partners use their excellent organizational skills and extensive network of contacts to make your conference, seminar, symposia or dinner a memorable meeting. Professionalism, efficiency, experience and expertise are the foundation of our way of working.

Lego® Serious Play®is a highly effective thinking, communication and problem-solving tool that can be used for strategic planning, leadership, merging businesses or departments and product or service launches.

By planning events and facilitating Lego® Serious Play®, S&D Global Partners will help you work better together,make life less stressful, healthier and more fun.
With more efficient meetings, you will work better and save time!

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